Granny Peck 'said' a lot of things about the Fairy Tale Diet, how to manage your holiday budget, how to improve your love life and how to grow in faith.

She wants to help prepare you, your family and your children for success!

And she plans to say a whole lot more!

Welcome to our site, where dietary, religious, romantic and financial development all go hand in hand.

Granny's books focus on these topics.

There are a couple more in the works, a book on crafts, one on crocheting, and a loosely based autobiographic series. 

Our Author

Granny uses old-fashioned Christian values, uncommon common sense and state-of-the-art technology to produce all of her books and articles that are written for adults over 18.  Although there are no graphic words or pictures in any of Granny Pecks writings, the concepts in some are not appropriate for children. Her experience as a skilled teacher, cook, artist, painter, writer and mentor works together with that of her husband, Pastor Grandpa Peck, as a team to guide you through this academic journey. Come visit our store!

A suggestion or two...

Your will have the opportunity to purchase a range of literature that will complement your life right here at this site.  However, if you are looking for a great new toys or a Bible instruction game for 2-6 players, fragrance oils, or tassels, checkout the items that Granny and Grandpa have over at   GrannyPecksAttic is an Etsy site where Granny offers her handmade items, portraits and other treasures, both secular and religious, for sale. We also invite you to come visit her blog and learn more about her philosophy about food, get FREE RECIPES and nutritional ingormation plus enjoy a few laughs.  


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